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To Handle Holiday Crowds, City May Close Fifth Ave.

by alex

Based on NY1 report, the Department of Transportation has a plan to Close  part of Fifth Avenue turning traffic lanes into temporary pedestrian zones .between 48th and 51st streets when holiday season begins and Midtown get overcrowded with tourists and shoppers.

The Department  of Transportation sent a letter to local officials about possible remedies for pedestrian on Fifth Avenue during the holiday season.

After Thanksgiving through after the New Year, two eight-foot lanes would be turned into sidewalks with concrete barriers. 

That would give pedestrians 40% extra space and it would leave only two lanes for cars and one lane for buses, instead of four +1 we have now.

The Department of Transportation says that the plan has not been finalized but the Department as well as the NYPD say they understand the need for a plan ahead of the holiday rush.

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