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Joe Biden sweeps the night and wins Florida, Illinois and Arizona (VIDEOS)

by alex

Joe Biden, the Former U.S Vice President will sweep Tuesday’s races and win the Arizona, Illinois and Florida Democratic primaries,

The victories in Arizona, Florida and Illinois will allow him to substantially expand his delegate lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders.

During a speech tonight, Biden said his goal is to unify the Democratic Party, and then to unify the nation. “You know, it’s in moments like these we realize we need to put politics aside and work together as Americans. The coronavirus doesn’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican.”

Sanders’ campaign faces serious questions about its future.. Sen. Sanders spoke early and ignored the election results in remarks to supporters on tonight, instead making a live-streamed speech on the coronavirus crisis.

Voters in Florida, Illinois and Arizona cast ballots Tuesday as the number of COVID 19 cases continued to rise in the US.

Biden’s victories in Florida, Arizona and Illinois did not come as a surprise. The former vice president has consistently led in the polls since his victories at the two prior Super Tuesday


  • Arizona est. 69% in = Biden 42.4% – Sanders 29.9%
  • Illinois est. 97% in = Biden 59.4% – Sanders 35.7%
  • Florida est. 93% in = Biden 61.9% – Sanders 22.8%

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