New York & Tri state – Apr. 21st – Latest Updates, Stats and Graphics on COVID 19

As of Tuesday early morning, April 21st 2020, there have been 252,094 confirmed cases of COVID 19 discovered only in New York State, with more than 138,700 of them, only at the City of New York. At least 18,929  people have died in NY.

All across 50 states Nationwide, more than 792,938 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed, with 31.79% of those cases only in NY, and with 17.49% of those cases only in New York City..

Nationwide, 24 states have confirmed more than 5,000 cases of COVID-19, and more than 42,518 people have died from the virus in the U.S. Worldwide we have 170,561 deaths from COVID 19.

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As of Tuesday early in the morning, health officials have confirmed:

  1. Nationwide we have 792,938 cases of COVID 19
  2. In New York State we have 252,094  cases of COVID 19
  3. In New York State we have 18,929 deaths from the coronavirus
  4. In New York State we have 209,278 Active Cases
  5. In New York City, we have 138,700 cases of COVID 19
  6. In New York City we have 8,811 deaths.
  7. In New Jersey we have 88,806 cases
  8. In New Jersey we have 4,377 deaths
  9. In Connecticut we have 19,815 cases,
  10. In Connecticut we have 1,331 deaths

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