A long hot locked down summer ahead for New York City – Cuomo announced a four-week extension of lockdown

A long hot locked down summer ahead for New York City

New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced an hour ago, the four-week extension to the restrictions in the Big Apple, while easing the shutdown in other parts of the state.

In an executive order signed last night, he declared that the state would continue the lockdown The Lock down put in place in March, and which was due to expire today.

The extension was announced as the state’s COVID 19 death toll approached 28,000 , or reached one-third of the about 87,400 fatalities recorded so far across the US.

“New Yorkers can be proud. Your actions bent the curve.”

Tweet by Andrew Cuomo

At the same time, he announced  that some central areas that meet public health and safety benchmarks will be eligible for reopening, Broadway theatres have already said they will not open until September at the earliest.

By Alex Ammohostianos

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