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CHAOS IN ATLANTA – STATE OF EMERGENCY in Georgia as violence flares in Atlanta over George Floyd’s death (VIDEOS – PHOTOS)

by alex

ATLANTA — Georgia’s governor Brian Kemp (R), declared today, a state of emergency and activated the state National Guard as violence flared in Atlanta following the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

Protests in Atlanta Georgia over the death of George Floyd, took a destructive turn yesterday evening and the early hours of Saturday.


On Friday, protesters marched peacefully from Centennial Olympic Park to the state Capitol, and then back. Then a rally was held inside the park, but then things took a turn shortly before 5:30 p.m. when  some type of scuffle happened between a protester and an Atlanta police officer right outside the CNN Center along Centennial Olympic Drive.

Atlanta Police kept protesters at bay for quite a while by forming a barricade but shortly after 8 p.m protesters took a destructive turn ., After 8 p.m., protesters started smashing the doors of CNN building. Then protesters moved to parked police cruisers and began jumping on the cars, smashing the windows and set it on fire.

During the night the protesters, proceeded to smash windows and deface store fronts and other tourists attractions like the College Football Hall of Fame. They also put on fire, to more police cars and lit on fire parts of the visitor center in Centennial Olympic Park.

Friday 11:15 p.m – more officer in riot gear were deployed around Centennial Olympic Park, where they started shooting off smoke bombs to help disperse the protesters. While most of the protesters seemed to leave the area, a portion of them headed to Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza.

Based on reports by WSB TV2, first looting took place at the AT&T store across the street from Lenox Square. From the same source we learn that around that time Gov. Brian Kemp called the Georgia’s National Guard in, to help keep the peace around parts of the city. Protester continued to loot businesses across Lenox Square and Buckhead throughout the night and the early morning hours of Saturday.

Information taken by WSB-TV2, FOX News and CNN News

By Alex Ammohostianos

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