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LIVE footage – Curfew… but no Curfew – NYC Protests Continue After Citywide Curfew Begins | By NBC New York

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Live footage from NYC – By NBC News…

NYC Protests Continue After Citywide Curfew Begins … We are sharing the live footage from NBC New York.

With very few reports of looting, violence or rampant vandalism that plagued the city just just 24 hours ago, large groups of protesters defied New York City’s new, 8pm curfew as crowds were seen still marching in different locations in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and New Jersey

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Protests Continue with one group making their way from Brooklyn over the Manhattan Bridge around 8:30 pm tonight, another group was marching along West End Avenue on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, with smaller groups scattered all over Manhattan and New Jersey.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea tweeted today:

“Each day, our officers leave their own families and homes to protect yours, while being shot at, having Molotov cocktails thrown into their vehicles and getting intentionally struck by cars… They put their very lives on the line to fulfill the oath they took to ensure public safety.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio said today that, New York City’s curfew will continue for the rest of the week, through Sunday, after police said “packs of youth” took to the streets overnight and violently looted stores across Manhattan and the Bronx, injuring officers in the process. Shattered glass, mannequins and merchandise were left strewn across damaged store floors in midtown, while ashes and debris spilled from havoc-wrecked sidewalks into the streets along Grand Concourse as the sun rose following a fifth night of protests over the death of George Floyd.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo blasted the city’s response as a “disgrace” and accused the mayor and the NYPD of failing to do their jobs Tuesday night. “I believe the mayor underestimates the scope of the problem. I think he underestimates the duration of the problem,” Cuomo said Tuesday, adding he thought more cops should’ve been deployed on top of the already doubled patrol.

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