Terrorist Islamic Hamas, supports Erdogan’s desecration of Hagia Sophia – Not a single word from Trump and Putin!!!

BEIRUT: We get informed by Palestinian Hamas press office, SABAH newspaper and Anadolu Press agency that the “Palestinian resistance Hamas press office” considers the opening of Hagia Sophia to prayers as a proud moment for all Muslims!!!

Palestinian resistance group Hamas, a group that’s been labeled by the U.S Department of State as a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, has welcomed the Turkish court verdict directing the opening of Hagia Sophia as a mosque.

Rafat Murra, head of international press office of Hamas, in a written statement.said:

“Opening of Hagia Sophia to prayer is a proud moment for all Muslims,” 

And he continues stressing that the decision created “sadness” in certain groups in the Arab world.

“We have never seen them worry about Masjid al-Aqsa. We have not seen them get sad when the Zionists attack Dome of the Rock. When the occupiers’ banned call to prayer in Al-Halil Masjid or Palestinian masjid. They did not care,” he said.

Murra said that the decision falls under Turkey’s sovereignty rights.

Interestingly, both President Trump, a close ally of Erdogan, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has clearly been Turkey’s most valuable ally since 2010, have said nothing about desecrating Hagia Sophia from their friend and ally, Mr. Ertokan

By Alex Ammohostianos

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