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White House Blocked C.D.C. from Requiring Masks on Public Transportation (VIDEO)

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The order that was Blocked today by the government would have mandated that, both employees  and passengers wear masks on subways, trains, buses, airports, planes, stations and depots.Based on the New York Time’s report today, the order would have been the toughest federal mandate to date aimed at curbing the spread of COVID 19, which continues to infect more than 40,000 Americans a day. 

CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, last month drafted an order requiring all passengers and employees to wear masks on all forms of public and commercial transportation in the country , but according to a New York Time’s report an hour ago, it was blocked by the White House,

Two federal health officials, that gave the information to NYT on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to comment, said that the order was drafted under the agency’s “quarantine powers” and that it had the support of the secretary of health and human services, Alex M. Azar II, but the White House COVID 19 Task Force, led by Vice President Mike Pence, declined to even discuss it.

The two officials said that the order would have required face coverings on airplanes, trains, buses and subways, and in transit hubs such as airports, train stations and bus depots.

A task force official said the decision to require masks should be left up to states and localities. The administration requires the task force to sign off on COVID 19 related policies. The official who asked not to be identified because he did not have permission to discuss the matter, said to NYT:

“The approach the task force has taken with any mask mandate is, the response in New York City is different than Montana, or Tuscaloosa, Alabama… Local and state authorities need to determine the best approach for their responsive effort depending on how the coronavirus is impacting their area.”

Dr. Robert R. Redfield, the C.D.C. director, who oversaw the drafting of the order, said in a recent interview:

“I think masks are the most powerful weapon we have to confront Covid and we all need to embrace masks and set the example for each other,” 

Video below – six months ago when President Trump talked about CDC advising Americans wear non-medical masks 

Information by New York Times – Video by ABC News

Cover Photo by NYC: The Official Guide

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