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Future Of Transportation – Incredible Technology To Come –

by alex

Let’s see what is the future of transportation. An Interesting Video made by Enrique8 (YouTube Account) about the Future of  Transportation…

Based on what Enrique8 lkes to believe: “our cities have a lot of problems. Smoke, Pollution, and traffic jams are some of these issues. They prevent a good quality of life in big cities. However there are some proposals to fix these problems. These technologies are the future of transportation.”…

 Nine incredible ideas for the Future…
1. The Mercedes-Benz Future Bus
2. Transit Elevated Bus
3. Automated and self-driving cars
4. Elon Musk underground tunnel systems
5. Hyperloop
6. Falcon Big Rocket by Elon Musk
7. Airbus Plane for 2050
8. Aether Cruise
9. Flying Cars


Enrique8 and NY-FAMA (that we are republishing this video)  do NOT own the video materials and all credits belong to respectful owners. In case of copyright issues, please contact the publishing YouTube Channel immediately for further credits or clip delete.

Main Photo taken from FB… Click HERE to see the source 

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