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Democratic debate – The 5 Factors (Video)

by alex

That was a different debate tonight…

Sen Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Photo Taken by CNN News

People who had watched the previous three “sluggish” debates, tonight they had the chance to watch a different, more interesting, more Substantial kind of DEBATE from the previous ones… 12 Democrats on stage in Ohio discussed how to bring change to the country and the Democratic Party and what they would do if they get elected.

Candidates with real authentic voices, with specificity and substance in their arguments and with five new Factors shaping the evening.

  1. We have two schools of thought: The establishment/Center Vs. activists/Left.
  2. The focus was on Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
  3. Not former Vice President Joe Biden but rather Sen. Elizabeth Warren has the momentum in the race.
  4. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is setting the agenda for the party.
  5. Sen. Bernie Sanders is losing ground

Watch below the democratic debate from CNN News video and come up with your own conclusion.

Cover Photo by CNN News 

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