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Republican Rep. Francis Rooney announces retirement

by alex

“I’ve done what I came to do… to get the money for the Everglades projects that had been languishing for many years, and to try to get this offshore drilling ban passed to protect Florida.”

Rooney told Fox News today

And when he was asked if he needed or wanted to pursue a third term in office, Rooney said:

“I don’t really think I do, and I don’t really think I want one…I  want to be a model for term limits… People need to realize … this is public service not public life.”

Republican Rep Francis Rooney, after suggesting he could be open to impeaching President Donald Drumpf, and after calling Rick Perry to answer to house Subpoena. said today he would not run for reelection,

Rooney, who in 2016 won his first election, said he initially thought his goals would take three terms, “but I think I’ve done it in less than two.”

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