Members of the House Intelligence Committee call on Giuliani to testify

In an interviews with CBS’s “Face the Nation”, Democrat and a Republican said that former mayor of New York City and president’s personal lawyer, who has refused to cooperate in the impeachment inquiry, should appear before the panel and testify before Congress,

At CBS’s “Face the Nation”, Republican Rep. Will Hurd (Texas) said:

“testimony from the former New York mayor would be helpful”.

At the same show Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) said that:

“Giuliani was key to understanding pressure the Trump administration placed on the Ukrainian government to investigate Vice President Joe Biden and his family… I would say at the very center of this whole ugly episode of the use of military aid and the White House meeting in an effort to get an investigation into Joe Biden and to get Ukraine to interfere in our election is Rudy Giuliani… Rudy Giuliani has refused to appear before the committee, but he is at the very core of this question”.

And Republican Rep. Will Hurd from Texas agreed saying: 

“I, want to know who did Rudy Giuliani actually talk to. I think having Mayor Giuliani come and testify is important.”

Cover Photo taken by Famous Birthdays – Photo of Republican Rep. Will Hurd taken by U.S. Representative Will Hurd – Photo of Democrat Rep. Jim Himes taken by Jim Himes

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