Convicted felon George Papadopoulos jumps into CA-25 race to fill Katie Hill’s seat

On Oct. 27th George Papadopoulos tweeted his intention to win back Katie Hill’s seat for the Republican Party:  “I’m smelling blood in the water now that Katie Hill has resigned. California’s 25th congressional district is wide open for the taking. Someone has to step up. I love my state too much to see it run down by candidates like Hill. All talk, no action, and a bunch of sell outs.”

Drumpf’s aide, George Papadopoulos, who served time for making false statements to the FBI, about the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, he joins several fellow Republicans lining up for the CA-25 seat,

Christy Smith, the Assembly woman of Santa Clarita, reacted with a tweet Papadopoulos announcement saying:

“Wow! @GeorgePapa19 is running in #CA25! If he pled guilty to lying to the FBI – how do we know he’ll tell us the truth? We deserve someone from our community serving as our voice – not @realDonaldDrumpf ‘s wannabe political hack! #CA25 belongs to #CA25.’’

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