NY – Coronavirus: Head of Port Authority Rick Cotton has coronavirus (VIDEO)

As the state’s infection toll rose by 37, to 142 patients, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, at a press conference issued today (Monday 3-9-1010)  informed the press, that the head of the Port Authority has the coronavirus.

The governor didn’t say how Cotton may have infected, but noted that the executive director “has been at the airports, obviously, when many people were coming back with the virus. He will be working from home, and now the senior team that works with Rick will also be tested so several of them may be on quarantine and they’ll be working from home,”


The PA chief and his “senior leadership team” are under a 14-day quarantine, officials later added.

Cuomo said he himself “could have been in contact with infected PA executive director Rick Cotton” but hasn’t been tested because he’s an “improbable positive,” meaning he isn’t likely to have the virus.

Cover Photo by: Variety.com

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