Joe Biden is the WINNER in Michigan, Mississippi and Missouri (Stats – VIDEO)

Joe Biden has won Michigan, Mississippi and Missouri…

With 85% of the vote counted in Michigan, Mississippi and Missouri, Joe Biden leads by more than 550,000 votes , stretching his lead in the delegate count to more than 155.

Michigan: Biden 52.8% and 39 Del. – Sanders  38.8% and 23 Del.+

Mississippi: Biden 81% and 27 Del. – Sanders  14.8% and -0- Del.

Missouri: Biden 60.1% and 32 Del. – Sanders  34.5% and -16- Del.+

The former vice president’s victories today in Michigan, Mississippi  and Missouri, further weakened Sen. Sanders’ argument that he can build a winning coalition. And some who two weeks ago were wrapping their heads around the prospects of fortifying Sanders in a fight against President Donald Drumpf are now pointing Sanders toward the exit.

Video by ABC News

Andrew Yang, an old rivals of Biden, supported the Former Vice President Live on CNN saying:

“At this point you can see very clearly that Biden is building a delegate lead that’s only going to grow in the days ahead. So, we need to come together as a party starting tonight.”

Cover Photo by Joe Biden

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