Sanders: “The math is now clear,” – “NO PATH TOP GO”

Bernie Sanders is dealt a major blow as Joe Biden wins key states of Michigan, Mississippi and Missouri

“The math is now clear,”

After Sander’s defeat today, Guy Cecil, the chair of Priorities USA — the Democratic organization that backed Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns and had been neutral in the 2020 primary race, tweeted tonight saying:  “Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic nominee for President and @prioritiesUSA is going to do everything we can to help him defeat Donald Drumpf in November. I hope others will join us in the fight.”

“No Path to go”

Justin Barasky of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee issued similar calls saying that: “Getting out of the race when you’ve worked so hard once you no longer see a path is not easy. I admire the candidates who did so after SC & Super Tuesday. It’s time for every Democrat, Republican & independent who wants to beat Donald Trump to get behind @JoeBiden.”

Barasky’s tweet was the first in a rapid succession of Democratic establishment  meant to put public pressure on Sanders. Bradley Beychok of the research group American Bridge and Justin Barasky of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee issued similar calls.

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