USA and New York/Tri state – Apr. 25th – Latest Updates, Stats and Graphics on COVID 19

As of Saturday early morning, April 25th 2020, there have been 277,445 confirmed cases of COVID 19 discovered only in New York State, with more than 146,139 of them, only at the City of New York. At least 21,291  people have died in NY.

All across 50 states Nationwide, more than 925,758 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed, with 39.96% of those cases only in NY, and with 15.78% of those cases only in New York City..

Nationwide, 18 states have confirmed more than 10,000 cases of COVID-19, and more than 52,217 people have died from the virus in the U.S. Worldwide we have 197,352 deaths from COVID 19.

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  1. Nationwide we have 925,758 cases of COVID 19
  2. Nationwide we have 52,217 deaths from COVID 19
  3. Nationwide we have 110,432 recovered cases from COVID 19
  4. In New York State we have 277,445 cases of COVID 19
  5. In New York State we have 21,291 deaths from the coronavirus
  6. In New York State we have 224,936Active Cases
  7. In New York City, we have  cases of COVID 19
  8. In New York City we have. deaths.
  9. In New Jersey we have 102,196 cases
  10. In New Jersey we have 5,617 death
  11. In New Jersey State we have 95,308Active Cases.
  12. In Connecticut we have 23,921 cases,
  13. In Connecticut we have 1,764 deaths
  14. In Connecticut we have 22,092Active Cases

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By: Alex Ammohostianos

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