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“My big fat LOW LIFE Debate” between Trump and Biden (VIDEOS)

by alex
The only thing one could NOT characterize tonight’s Trump-Biden televised debate is to describe it as a classic, traditional, American debate .

The worst ever Debate in the history of the United State between Trump and Biden, started and ended with the two rivals interrupting each other using various insults and with the night’s moderator, Chris Wallace from FOX channel, making desperate efforts throughout the night , to keep the debate at a tolerable, decent level. Characteristic of the embarrassing and “Low Life” of the debate, were the persistent attacks between the two opponents, but also the insults that had the opportunity to adorn each other during the ninety minutes of the cockfight

Highlights of the Night with the “sleepy Joe” and “clown Trump”:

  • From the beginning of the Debate, the Democratic candidate called the President a liar, saying that “everyone knows he is a liar”
  • The president responded to Biden’s accusation by saying “you are a liar, you graduated last and not first in your class”
  • With Biden responding immediately by saying “gentlemen, do you have any idea what this clown is doing”
  • We had an incredible scene when the president interrupted the Biden for the third time in a row with Biden reaction by saying, “Will you shut up man… this is so unpresidential.”
  • In response to the above, the president said to the Democratic candidate: “You have not done anything for 45 years”
  • Addressing his Democratic rival, the President said: “Did you use the word SMART ??? You graduated either last or one of the last in your class… there is nothing smart about you Joe… Do not use the word SMART again with me “
  • In a similar scene to his predecessor, the president told Biden, “Let me shut you down now.”

The VIDEO of the worst ever Debate in the history of the United States below – The conclusions are yours

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