Graham warns “The reemergence of ISIS is on the way”…

Syria NOW: Graham pleads with Drumpf “Change course while you still can'”

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, perhaps the most vocal GOP opponent of president Drumphf’s decision last week to allow Turkey to militarily invade Syria,  today urge  President Donald Drumpf to “change course while you still can.”

On a Tweet today Sen. Graham said:

“Every concern I had about President Drumpf’s Syria decision is coming true in spades… The reemergence of ISIS is on the way. And if you think only Europe is threatened — you are sadly mistaken…. 

At his tweet he also warned that “

the ability to recruit partners to fight radical Islam in the future has been virtually destroyed,.. Mr. President: change course while you still can.”

Sen. Graham and Sen. Chris Van Hollen released a bill Wednesdaythreatening  Turkey with series of economic sanctions… Congressional lawmakers are urging President Drumpf to reverse the administration’s action, which has received widespread and bipartisan rage,

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